After praying and sensing the prompting of the Spirit of God for quite some time now and with the support, encouragement, and confirmation through my wonderful husband I have decided to start my very first blog! I am really excited about this chapter of my life and look forward to seeing where God is taking me on this part of my journey in life.

It is truly my prayer that this will be a place where you can be inspired and find laughter, understanding, encouragement, and guidance for your life when facing difficult, challenging, or stressful situations. At times I will share wisdom from the scriptures, quotes I have learned or that have been passed on from others, as well as my own personal experiences. I  promise to be as transparent as possible with you, after all I am human too and go through struggles just like anyone else. I will be working on my About Me page sometime this week so you can learn a little more about me.

This will also be a place where you can submit prayer requests and I will be honored to stand in agreement with you in prayer. I strongly believe in the power of people coming together in prayer and absolutely love seeing God answer the prayers of His people. No request is too small, too big, too silly, or too ridiculous sounding to me or God. I can share plenty of testimonies with you of prayers He has answered for me that may have seemed silly or unusual to others. You are NEVER wasting your time in prayer with God. He cares about EVERY aspect of your life. So if it’s important to you then you can count on it being important to Him.

With that said I leave you with my email signature….

There’s a saying “P.U.S.HPray Until Something Happens.” I want to add that after you P.U.S.H.
You should P.R.E.S.S.  – Pray Relentlessly Expecting Supernatural Solutions!
Then P.A.C.E yourself while you wait –Persevere And Courageously Endure!
Afterwards you must S.T.A.N.D on the Word of God – Simply Trust And Never Doubt!
& Always remember to P.R.A.I.S.E GOD –Pray Reverently And Ignite Something Extraordinary!!!
~~ JulieAnne ~~

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