Just Me :)

My name is JulieAnne. I am extremely blessed to be married to an amazing man of God who is also my best friend.

I have four incredible children from a previous marriage. We have been blessed with 2 awesome son-in-loves and beautiful daughter-in-love & we now have 4 amazing grandbabies! We need a new family photo with all the new additions!

I love to laugh, read, watch comedies, and play word games and Yahtzee. I enjoy being around friends and family. I love to color my hair a new shade every 1-3 months & try new pixie cuts. I love inspirational sayings & tattoos (I have several)

Most importantly, I am the daughter of the Most High God! I love God with all I got & I’m not ashamed to let people know it! I am confident in my personal relationship with Him through Christ Jesus and know without a doubt He loves me, is for me, & is with me.
I don’t claim to be perfect in any way. I make mistakes just like anyone else. I fall down, the Lord picks me up and I keep going. So please forgive me for I am a work in progress. I am thankful that I am covered in the grace of God and the blood of my Lord Christ Jesus. Thank you, Lord!
Because of my past history and experiences, I have a great passion to let people know that they CAN communicate with God, and He will listen if your heart and attitude is right. I get so excited when I see God answering prayers. I am someone that waits in expectation of God’s great promises. I love seeing God’s hands on people’s lives and hearing their testimonies of what he has done. I live to honor, praise, worship, and glorify my Daddy!

There is obviously so much more to me than just these things, so if you would like know anything else just ask. I could write a book! For now, I write a blog. 🙂

Photo Credits ~ Kalina Doy Photography


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