Awaken Me Lord!

Father God, AWAKEN ME!
AWAKEN ME day by day to the sound of YOUR holy, loving, sweet, majestic voice and instruction.
AWAKEN my ears and my heart and spirit… Open my ears to hear, to listen, and to obey YOUR voice… I want to know YOUR heart and have a heart for others like yours. Cause my spirit to come alive and be receptive and attentive to receive downloads straight from YOUR throne room. Impart your wisdom, grace, and all that I need each morning. Tell me what to do and teach me what to say so that I may know how to speak just as YOU would. Teach me YOUR ways and YOUR thoughts that so much higher and greater than mine! Help me to see people and situations from your viewpoint and perspective. From heaven’s view! Equip me with what I need each and every day.
I pray that when I speak to others, I speak words that come straight from YOU and YOUR heart.
Words that edify, bless, refresh, and infuse others. Words that empower, encourage, that bring healing and revelation. Words that breakthrough hardened hearts, that provide wisdom, truth, and clarity, that heal and set people free from trauma and oppression from the enemy. Words that release YOUR grace and mercy. Words of divine instruction. Words that correct & forgive when needed in love. On time words of knowledge, guidance, and revelation for those that need it. Let me speak words like YOURS, that are not in vain or void of power but words that are very much alive and powerful. Words from YOU that go forth and produce good fruit and bring in massive harvests. Words that have the power to bring transformation, restoration, and your will to pass. Words that bring YOU joy. Words that please YOU. Words that bring YOU glory. Words that show I am YOURS and YOU are mine.
Thank you, Father, for transforming my speech to line up with YOURS. Thank you, that you continue to work in me and through me at all times. Thank you for teaching me more of your purpose and will each day. Thank you for equipping me to do what you have called me to do. Thank you for your mercy, grace, and patience with me as I continue to learn from you. Thank you for speaking life into me when I am in need. Thank you for strengthening me, empowering me and lifting me up when I need it most.
Thank you, Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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