Don’t Give a Piece of Your Mind…Instead, Choose Peace of Mind!

There will always be people that for some reason get to us in a negative way and hit those buttons in us that no one wants pushed. You know the ones…the ones that seem to send us into self defense mode… ready to fight or protect ourselves or those we love. We might find ourselves going off verbally, blasting the person/persons intentionally discrediting them and attacking their character. Or we might react in a way possibly harming the other person physically or causing harm to them in other ways.

If we don’t watch ourselves carefully we might end up making a really bad choice if we succumb to our angry flesh doing things that are out of character for us…things we cannot take back. It might “feel” good in the moment but the effects and consequences of our reactions could last a lifetime. It’s so easy to get angry about what others are doing or not doing. Been there done that. It doesn’t change what happened or make things any better.

It can be hard to even think about blessing someone who has treated us wrongly and that we feel doesn’t deserve it. BUT interestingly it’s exactly what God’s word instructs us to do. BLESS them and not retaliate. I think, in some situations, blessing someone could be as simple as not retaliating whether verbally or in a physical sense even though we may feel justified…j/s. God wants us to show mercy and offer forgiveness even though they may not deserve it. Hmmmm sounding familiar? He showed us mercy, offered forgiveness, and empowered us through his grace when he gave his Only Son, Christ Jesus for us on the cross. What an undeserved gift and act of love! We have to pause right here and thank the Lord for that! Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord! You are amazing God!

We have to choose to look at other options and learn to do things God’s way. His way is better. We have to make a choice to search for peace and work to maintain it. It’s probably easier to recognize and receive the blessings of God in our own life and actually enjoy them when we are at peace with ourselves and others. Next time you’re faced with a situation STOP. BREATHE. DON’T REACT. INSTEAD ASK HOLY SPIRIT TO HELP YOU TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT RESPONSE. CHOOSE to sympathize. CHOOSE love. CHOOSE to be tenderhearted. CHOOSE to remain humble. CHOOSE to forgive. CHOOSE mercy. CHOOSE kindness. Don’t give a piece of your mind, instead choose peace of mind!

Love y’all! Have a beautifully blessed day!

1 Peter 3:8-12 The Passion Translation

Love One Another

Now, this is the goal: to live in harmony with one another and demonstrate affectionate love, sympathy, and kindness toward other believers. Let humility describe who you are as you dearly love one anotherNever retaliate when someone treats you wrongly, nor insult those who insult you, but instead, respond by speaking a blessing over them—because a blessing is what God promised to give you. 

10 For the Scriptures tell us:

Whoever wants to embrace true life
    and find beauty in each day
11 must stop speaking evil, hurtful words
    and never deceive in what they say.
    Always turn from what is wrong
    and cultivate what is good;
    eagerly pursue peace in every relationship,
    making it your prize.
12 For the eyes of the Lord Yahweh rest upon the godly,
    and his heart responds to their prayers.
    But he turns his back on those who practice evil.


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